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Protect Your Beautiful Green Spaces From Deer Damage

Rethink your yard care to include deer repellent treatments.

You care for or have someone mow your lawn and care for your landscaping.

You care for or have someone fertilize, and keep weeds and insects away.

Why would you allow deer to destroy all that hard work and money investment?

Include deer repellent treatment in your yard care schedule, we can help.


Keeping Deer Away From Your Valuable Landscape Investments

Prevent bucks and does from devouring your outdoor spaces with the help of My Deer Stop. We offer effective repellent treatment solutions to protect your gardens and trees from becoming damaged by deer browsing and antler tree rubs.

What We Can Do for You

Our company performs thorough treatment services on your outdoor spaces. We apply our concentrated, all-natural repellent spray to the area to protect your plants and trees from deer damage.

Committed to Excellent Service

Based in Alpine, Utah, My Deer Stop is dedicated to providing exemplary deer repelling solutions locally and in the surrounding communities. We take pride in the effectiveness of our work and even offer a money-back guarantee for our services.


Defend Your Garden Spaces Today

For intensive deer repellent treatment services, feel free to reach out to us today. It would be our pleasure to help you protect your valuable outdoor landscaping from deer damage. We look forward to working with you soon