The Trusted Deer Repellent Service in Utah

Enjoy the sight of your roses, bushes, and other greeneries unharmed. At My Deer Stop, we strive to help people protect their trees and other flora from deer damage without installing fences. Our repellent solutions won't hurt the deer or your plants.

Humble Beginnings

Our founder saw how homeowners were receiving major damage to their yards due to deer, but tended to avoid going through the trouble of treating their landscapes with deer deterrents by themselves. He saw their dispositions as an opportunity to help others and provide quality repellent treatment services in the area.

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About Our Founder

Jerry Robertson is the person in charge of our comprehensive deer deterrent treatment services. He is an avid gardener and landscaper who spend many hours beautifying his yard and perfecting his garden and orchard every year. From his early childhood, he worked alongside his mother and father in their family garden, and has grown his own garden thereafter. Jerry has owned and operated his successful cabinet business for over 40 years, and loves helping others by beautifying their homes with his custom cabinets. He also loves helping others with their gardening questions and challenges, along with helping keep deer from devouring their trees and bushes, at which he has become quite successful at.

Dabbling in Deer Deterrent Methods

His outdoor landscapes attracted many wild bucks and does to deer browse in his green space and rub their antlers on his trees. The damage these animals caused prompted him to develop ways to prevent them from destroying his yard and garden.


Improving His Repellent Solutions

Jerry kept developing his deer deterrent methods over the years until he found the most successful solution in an all-natural deer repellent spray. The product was so effective that even his friends and neighbors wanted to know his secret.

Service Areas

Located in Alpine, Utah, My Deer Stop proudly provides intensive deer repellent treatment solutions for homeowners and gardeners with a money-back guarantee. We focus on servicing clients in Utah County and its surrounding communities.


We’d Love To Hear From You

Get in touch with us for additional information about us and our deer repellent treatment services. We would be more than happy to address your questions and concerns about our company and what we do.